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Jim Dennis: Open Letters

In response to some well known individuals' own letters or provocative comments about Linux, Jim has written open letters that highlight the apparent flaws in their reasoning. Of course, people and companies' opinions do change over time - so pay attention to the time each letter was published when considering your own thoughts on the same topic.

To: Mr. Michael Dell, CEO, Dell Computers
cc: T.R. Reid
Date: Sat, 09 May 1998
Re: Linux on Dell Hardware
Less than a year later, we see Dell ship Linux not just on servers, but on ordinary desktops to ordinary customers as well.
To: JP Morgenthal, NC Focus (writing for Internet Week)
Date: Wed, Jun 16 1999
Re: Look Before You Leap Into Linux Adoption
Jim addresses each of his points in, well, the massive detail that the Answer Guy has become famous for.

Jim Dennis is best known as the "Linux Gazette Answer Guy" He's a senior support analyst and instructor at Linuxcare ( The opinions expressed here are purely his own and, in no way, reflect those of his employers (though they might be pretty close). Jim can be reached at

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