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Heather Stern's a fan of XTeddy

xteddyThis plush creature graces many a desktop whose owner just needs a nice thought once in a while.

Thomas recently found xteddy has been vacationing in Hawaii and has booked him a ticket home to his desk in the UK. (Yes, xteddy is real and not just a figment of stegu's imagination. He's Gund "Tender Teddy" model 2123, born in 1983, and doesn't seem to be all that easy to find.)

I used xteddy as the basis for Linux Gazette's second cover art, with a scene set in the lounge our Answer Gang enjoys as part of our mailing list quips at each other. If you have a question about Linux and would enjoy an answer in the spirit of a good natured installfest then you can mail the Gang and a batch of us will see what we can do. If you favor something specific, a timeline, personal care, with the possibility of a presentation or training to go with your answers, by all means contact me for consulting business (specify "Xteddy referred me" in your subject line to consulting AT for a quick reply).

I made the effort to photograph my own teddybear but you probably prefer the much smaller edition of him for your desktop. Of xteddy himself, I have smaller (64x64 and 32x32) versions too, for X icons and buttons. If you are a Motif fan you might instead enjoy XmTeddy. It's easy to add things to enjoy on your desk, just throw them into /usr/share/xteddy and refer to them via xteddy's -F option. Perhaps you are a coffee fan, or want to have art that looks like a window out onto the beach, or your surfboard. The concept's all the same.

My friend Thomas gave me a birthday gift of wiring up FVWM so the bear can be made to bounce. The key is that the imagename bear has been made into a symlink to xteddy, who automatically searches its shared directory for an image of that name. Together with the -wm option during launch, this affects the window characteristics, making it seperately considerable by FVWM. You'll have to choose your own location for him to move to - my desktop's quite large, and I wanted him to sit on my FvwmButtons. Some of my init doesn't matter to the bear, but I mention it because slipping that pause in seems to help bear not lose his bouncy nature. If you have any trouble with that, his icon's always bouncy; make him iconified then restore him.

Update: he doesn't "lose his bounce" - if he has focus, then he accepts keystrokes of his own (in case you want to quit) and he swallows my assigned key. Whoops! The fix to this is to add -noquit ... and the xteddy manpage even says so. Iconifying worked because icons lose focus. Who'd want to quit seeing their bear, anyway?

# our cute lil guy
Style bear !Title, StaysOnTop, Sticky
DestroyFunc Bounce
AddToFunc Bounce
+ I AnimatedMove 1318p 804p
+ I PipeRead "for ((y=$0;y>=0;y--)) do \
        printf 'AnimatedMove w+%up w+%up\\nAnimatedMove w-%up w-%up\\n' \
	        ${y} ${y} ${y} ${y}; done"

Key     B       A       SM      All ("bear") Bounce 6

AddToFunc StartFunction
+ I Module FvwmButtons
+ I Wait FvwmButtons 
+ I Test (init) Exec exec bear -wm -noquit
+ I Schedule 4000 All ("bear") Bounce 6
+ I Test (init) Exec exec /usr/bin/fvwm-root /home/heather/.fvwm/stars16a.xpm
+ I Module FvwmEvent FvwmEvent-Sticky
+ I Module FvwmAnimate

Other aspects of my FVWM desktop can be found on the fvwmwiki.

I have patterned the beginnings of a cuddly channelbot based on him. To enjoy him, you'll have to come visit #fvwm on freenode -- see our channel FAQ (or the local copy). He's based on irssi and some perl scripts, which started out "stock" but have endured some of my hacking.

If you're even more a fan than I am, you might want xteddy wallpaper: